Sunday, November 25, 2007

Three Tables

Stopped by the beach the other day (23 Nov 07) to take some pictures. This time of year the swells from the north create huge waves that are great for surfing, but not for swimming at the North Shore beaches. Great opportunity for some fabulous wave photos, though:

Three Tables

Here are some sites about Three Tables:

A great description of the beach by the State of Hawaii Department of Land and Resources, Division of Aquatic Resources

SCUBA Reviews of the beach

Pictures and a brief description at

Vacation Property near the beach

And a short video of the surf on "Black Friday", the day after Thanksgiving 2007:

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Lou said...

Thanks for bringing back some really great memories. I was there '84-'86 at 2/11FA in I Quad. Sunday was the "chill" day--go out the back gate and head to Sunset Beach, or just drive all the way around the island. Some times it would just be a cooler of drinks (usually Bud and Stroh's) and a trip to Mokuleia (sp?). Wonderful times. Thanks for bringing it back.

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